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Monday, 13 October 2008

E-HELP Seminars

Here is a list of the E-HELP seminars currently available:

Beyond Multiple-Choice

Using ICT to Promote Independent Learning

Beyond the History Classroom: The Potential of Podcasting

Simulations in the Classroom

Developing Interactive Teaching Styles

Web 2.0: Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Digital Video in the History Classroom

VLE: Guided Research of the Roman Empire

ICT-Based Distant Learning

ICT for Collaborative Teaching and Learning

The Student as Teacher

Using Macromedia Flash in the Classroom

Desktop Video-Conferencing

History, ICT and Impact Learning

Students in the Archive

ICT and Historical Communication Skills

Digital Storytelling

Using E-Learning to Overcome Barriers to Learning

Maintaining Your Own Website

The Role ICT has played in my Teaching

Information is not Learning

Mastering the Movie Image

How to Design a Departmental Website

Multimedia School Books

Digital Video in Teaching and Learning

The New Paradigm

Why you need your own website

The Student as Historian

Forums and History Teaching

Tutoring and Mentoring Online

Online Learning: A Case Study

Looking to the Future

Interpretations in History

Essential Questions for the Future School

Developing a E-HELP Distance Learning Course

ICT and Language Learning

The Past in the Future

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