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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bratislava History Project: UK-SK WWII

This is a joint project between British and Slovak school children researching aspects of joint recent history. The project brings together the British Council’s ‘Dreams and Teams’ school twinning initiative which seeks to encourage leadership and citizenship skills and the European History e-Learning Project (, an EU ‘Socrates’ funded project that promotes the use of ICT in the history classroom.

Two historical themes are explored:

Slovak veterans from World War II who were based in the UK during the war and fought for the Allied forces. We hope to interview the following individuals.

Gen Ivan Schwartz
Domanová Ailsa, OBE
Gen Anton Petrák, MBE
Milan Píka
Stefan Miklánek

Nicholas Winton and children - a group of Slovak and Czech Jewish children who were evacuated just before the start of WWII with the help of the British "Schindler". We hope to interview the following individuals.

Sir Nicholas Winton
Joe Schlesinger
Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines
Lord Alfred Dubs
Vera Gissing

Before the event students have been planning their work together ‘virtually’ using the Student Education Forum.

On the day of the event, the students will interview Winton, his ‘children’ and the veterans, whilst recording the interviews with digital video. After the event, the students will collaborate to produce a website of their videos and research, along with a documentary of the day. The website is intended to be used by schools in the future as a curriculum resource, but also as a model of best practice in the application of ICT in European school collaboration projects.

The project is coordinated by Richard Jones-Nerzic of the British International School in Bratislava.

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