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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

E-HELP Project

The European History E-Learning Project (E-HELP) is a Comenius 2.1 Project (Training of School Educational Staff). Established in October, 2004, the overall aim of e-help is to encourage and improve the use of ICT and the Internet in history classrooms in Europe.

The E-HELP project will empower European history teachers to take the teaching and learning of history into the 21st century. Designed to enlighten and initiate history teachers into the pedagogic possibilities of ICT in the history classroom, E-HELP will, through a website, online forum and residential course, enable history teachers to exploit the revolutionary potential of ICT. e-help is designed as a three year, three-phase project:

Phase 1 will begin by identifying and evaluating existing good practice, examining the potential of the technology to revolutionize current methodologies. We will research and produce online curricula and assessment modules designed to enable European history teachers, whatever the language competences of their students, to teach history issue based themes of importance beyond the boundaries of the nation state.

Phase 2 will see the launch of our e-help website and online forum to share our work and begin to create a pan-European community of history teachers with an interest in exploiting the potential of ICT.

Phase 3 will consolidate our project by preparing the first in a series of residential conference designed to bring European history teachers and history teachers trainers together to learn the skills that will make this revolution possible.

In short E-HELP will:

(1) Research, evaluate and present evidence of good practice in the use of ICT and the Internet in European History Classrooms.

(2) Produce and manage a multilingual website and discussion forum to support the project and its aims.

(3) Create innovative online history resources for teaching a European dimension with a range of past-present historical issues in a multilingual/second language context.

(4) Deliver a residential course in the use of ICT and the Internet in the history classroom.

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