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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cudbert Thornhill and the Russian Revolution

Cudbert Thornhill returned to Petrograd during the Russian Revolution. According to one source Thornhill was "the hero of many exciting adventures in Petrograd during the revolution". He was forced to go into hiding but by January 1918, he was back in the capital reporting that the new Red Army was being formed from munitions workers because they were considered to be more intelligent than peasants.

Michael Smith, the author of Six: A History of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (2010) argued that during the Russian Civil War: "Thornhill had been setting up agent networks across the north between Murmansk and the White Sea port of Kem to warn the British of any Bolshevik advances.... Thornhill was allocated as the force's chief intelligence officer, and a number of MI1c officers worked with him."


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Anonymous said...

long term effect was that it devided world into 2 power blocks!!!and russia saved itself from economic depression!!!

Anonymous said...

Eg the peasants. They started off in harsh conditions but soon they were granted more land and food.

Anonymous said...

It removed Russia from WWI, which put more pressure on the United States to play a bigger role in helping the Allies beat the Germans.
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