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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spartacus Educational and British Cartoonists

For a long time I have had a keen interest in the work of political cartoonists. I especially like the work of Will Dyson and David Low.

You can find my latest updates here:

Bruce Bairnsfather

Henry Mayo Bateman

Lewis Baumer

George Belcher

Cyril Bird (Fougasse)

Henry Matthew Brock

Michael Cummings

James H. Dowd

Will Dyson

James Friell (Gabriel)

Harry Furniss

Carl Giles

Frank Horrabin

Leslie Illingworth

Alfred Leete

David Low

Savile Lumley

Norman Mansbridge

Phil May

George Morrow

William Orpen

Frederick Pegram

Leonard Raven-Hill

Ralph Sallon

Frank Reynolds

Wyndham Robinson

Ernest Shepard

Robert Sherriffs

George Stampa

Sidney Strube

Edmund Sullivan

Bert Thomas

Frederick Henry Townsend

Victor Weisz (Vicky)

George Whitelaw

Jack Butler Yeats

Philip Zec

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Henry said...

Otherwise, if they still used discipline (so the kids could no longer virtually get away with murder with nothing being able to be done to stop them).. and could still be bothered to teach things properly it would be. Also kids start school earlier in the UK....... like 4yrs old, while I think they start at 6yrs old in the US..... and school day runs from 8:50am 'til 3:35pm (when they're more awake), while I think in the States I've had friends say they started at 8am (while still half asleep).
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