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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch

One of the main reasons why Tony Blair attempted to stop the publication of Lance Price’s book, Spin Doctor’s Diary (2006) was that he disclosed that all important policy decisions had to go before Rupert Murdoch before being announced to the general public.

Journalists have been attempting to use the Freedom of Information Act to publish documents concerning the meetings between Blair and Murdoch. The first of these was released this week. It concerns a meeting that took place in January 1998, about a European Commission investigation into Murdoch’s business activities. This involved blocking Murdoch’s plan (British Interactive Broadcasting) was that BSkyB should join up with other large companies to develop an interactive scheme in which people could shop and manage their finances through their televisions. The memo of the meeting has Blair telling Murdoch that he was “sympathetic to what he was aiming to achieve.” As a result of the meeting Blair immediately ordered his top officials (Jonathan Powell, James Purnell, Alastair Campbell) to help Murdoch to deal with the European Commission.

Karel Van Miert, the EC Competition Commissioner, gave permission for Murdoch’s British Interactive Broadcasting to go ahead in 1999. Initially it was successful but was closed down in 2001 because of the competition from the internet.

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Anonymous said...

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With Interfaith group Tony Blair is the religious side of the New World Order and the Biblical False Prophet.

I am currently watching the rise and rise of the European based Antichrist now, as he is given his power base by Satan by having his current tenure as the six month rotating presidency extended indefinitely.

Barak Obama is making a grave judgement of error by saying that he is the chosen one and that he will change the world. The Antichrist is thinking along exactly the same lines and so in these last days we will see a global conflict between the US and Europe. The US will not win with the Beast already calling Obama and empty suite on Foreign policy. Therefore the animosity between both of these men as they each seek global domination has already begun?

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